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At Henry Fawcett we pride ourselves on investing in high quality resources to keep up with a rapidly changing world. We have a brand new roof-top library which is regularly restocked with fiction and information texts, two Astroturf ball courts where our sports coach teaches the children a variety of sports, an edible playground where children grow fruits and vegetables and a child sized kitchen in which all children regularly cook their own grown produce.

We have created our own bespoke curriculum which fosters a love for learning in all pupils through investigation, enquiry and school trips. We provide a broad foundation of experiences for children to build on their skill set and achieve excellence. We have a big emphasis on books with much of the work we do with the children supported through reading and book making.

We believe passionately about the importance of investing in skilled practitioners to teach all children in the school. At Henry Fawcett we have an additional experienced teacher in most year groups who works in small groups in intervention rooms. This means that the class sizes are smaller than average and each individual gets regular adult time to support them to achieve their full potential in each lesson.

We encourage you to come and visit our fantastic school and see our stunning learning environment and happy children.

Rachel Eckford


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