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Parents are a child’s most important teacher and also their first. We strongly encourage parents/carers to be actively involved with all aspects of their child’s education. Close working relationships between parents, teachers and children ensure the best possible opportunities for achievement, progress and success.

At Henry Fawcett we pride ourselves on providing the best quality resources to keep up with the world around us and indeed be one step ahead where possible. We foster a love for books and reading and our roof-top library is a great place to share and explore this love for literature. Our children are provided with excellent sporting opportunities and have access to two Astroturf ball courts and a specialist sports coach. The children love their edible garden where they grow fruits and vegetables and we also host our own child sized kitchen in which all children regularly cook their own grown produce.

The curriculum at Henry Fawcett is a bespoke curriculum which embeds a love for learning in all learners through investigation, enquiry and trips. We provide a broad foundation of experiences for children to build on their skill set and achieve excellence.

Our emphasis on books and a love of reading can be felt throughout the curriculum through reading materials, themes/topics and book making.

We believe passionately about the importance of investing in skilled practitioners to teach all learners in the school. At Henry Fawcett we have an additional, experienced teacher in almost all year groups who works with small groups of learners in intervention rooms. This creates smaller class sizes and means that every learner receives regular adult time for support and extension to ensure that they reach their full potential in each lesson.

We strongly encourage you to come and visit the school so that you can see our learners and teachers at work and get a real feel for this fantastic school and children’s Centre in the heart of Kennington.

Zee Robins
Interim Headteacher


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