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Henrey Fawcett Primary School

The school uniform helps us to encourage a sense of belonging in the pupils and to make their school look smart.

This has a positive effect on the pupils’ behaviour and therefore their learning.

We expect all our pupils to come to school in full uniform every day.

Download the Uniform Price List and Order Form here >

Our School Uniform
Navy sweatshirt
* White shirt or polo shirt
* Smart polishable black shoes.
These shoes should not have fancy bows or ribbons, or different coloured trim. Please do not send your child to school in trainers, baseball boots or any other inappropriate footwear.

* Grey trousers or a skirt
* School raincoat
* Grey tights, or grey or white socks
* A book bag
* A blue t-shirt for PE.
* Dark shorts or tracksuit bottoms for PE.
* Trainers for PE.
The Henry Fawcett sweatshirt, polo shirt, book bag, PE t-shirt and school raincoat can be bought from the school office.

Large multi-coloured hair bobbins are not allowed.

No jewellery is allowed apart from stud earrings.

If a pupil is wearing inappropriate jewellery they will be asked to take it off and hand it into the office.
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