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Henrey Fawcett Primary School

Sports funding helps us to train our staff and teach our children through a bespoke sports coach. The coach teaches children different sports each lunchtime and playtime. Pupils have been taught athletics, tennis, cricket, football, rounders and badminton to name but a few.

The sports coach also provides valuable CPD to TAs on a regular basis. This enables all TAs to lead their own high quality sporting activities during break times. TAs are now able to advise children on method and skills related to each activity provided. (£13,000)

As part of the sports coaches’ timetable he has allocated time to support identified SEND

children with physical or behaviour needs; allowing these children to access the full sports curriculum. The coach is identifying pupils who have particular skills in an area and is taking them to participate in competitions and sporting events.

The funding has also supported us to employ a dance teacher for two days each week. She is providing ongoing CPD for the teachers on high quality dance teaching. She also teaches the children a different dance style each term. Every child in the school performs in a dance show at the end of each term; parents and staff come to celebrate the children’s achievements. This has supported all pupils to gain confidence in performing. (£3,000)

The sports funding is also used to partially fund children to learn cricket skills at the Oval cricket ground. Children from year five and six go to the Ben Hollioake’s learning centre to learn high level ICT skills and cricket from coaches. (£5,000)

Children in year three are also able to further develop the life skill of swimming. Weekly lessons throughout the year mean that they progress quickly. The fund has meant that all pupils have an increased awareness of the importance of keeping healthy and which activities can help them lead a healthy, happy life.

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