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Henrey Fawcett Primary School

Sports funding helps us to train our staff and teach our children through a bespoke sports programme. Our Sports Coach teaches children different sports during lunchtime and playtime. Pupils have been taught a wide variety of sports including athletics, tennis, cricket, football and rounders. Our Sports Coach also provides daily after school sports clubs and provides sports activities in our wrap around care.

Our Sports Coach has allocated time to support children with specific physical or behaviour needs; allowing these children to access the full sports curriculum. Children with special educational needs are provided with support according to their needs.

We aim to ensure gifted and talented children are given challenges to develop their skills further.
We identify pupils who have particular sporting skills and school sports teams are participating in
competitions, sporting events and tournaments.

In addition to their pride in representing their school, pupils learn valuable skills in confidence, team work and resilience.

During 2017/18 the funding supported us to employ a dance teacher for two days each week. This has provided ongoing CPD for the teachers on high quality dance teaching and this has supported all pupils to gain confidence in performing. Dance remains a popular after school activity and the funding allows the school to subsidise the costs of dance and other after school clubs such as gymnastics and ballet.

During 2017/18 we introduced netball club for Years 5 and 6, delivered by an external P.E. teacher to develop their skills and participate in local tournaments. Children in Year 3 are also able to further develop the life skill of swimming. Weekly lessons throughout the year mean that they progress quickly. We have

introduced a swimming team for more confident swimmers in Year 4 with weekly sessions and the children will be competing in local events this year.

We have developed a school wide plan for improved and enhanced P.E. provision. We have appointed a dedicated P.E. coordinator to ensure a continued delivery of a wide range of sporting opportunities and increased involvement with sports groups and organisations in the community. P.E. and Sports Funding has meant that all pupils have an increased awareness of the importance of keeping healthy and which activities can help them lead a healthy, happy life.

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