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Breakfast Club
£1.50/day , £1 for every additional sibling

School Dinners
£2.10/day, £10.50 for the week  See menu

Accent Catering Catering provided by
AiP Group of Companies

At Henry Fawcett we have worked extremely hard to ensure that all the food the children enjoy is of the highest quality. We are very proud that our school meals are all freshly made onsite, by our chef, from locally sourced food.

Fruit, vegetables and meat are delivered daily from borough and Covent Garden markets, to ensure the children eat the freshest and tastiest ingredients.

The children have the choice of three different tasty hot meal choices each day, as well as a jacket potato bar. They can also have as much salad from our salad bar as they desire. The salad bar has a wide variety of colourful and tasty salads that change each day.

Children get the chance to try different tastes and textures of food. A popular part of the salad bar is the “taste zone” where the children can add spices, seeds and herbs to their meals.

After the children have eaten their main meal they choose a delicious desert from our pudding station. Every day there is an attractive display of colourful fruit for the children to choose from. Alternatively the children can choose a hot dessert and custard.

The dining hall is organised in small round tables, with cutlery and water on the tables, for children to help themselves to. Adults in the school sit and enjoy their lunch chatting to the children in the calm atmosphere.

Your child may be eligible for free meals! Read more >>

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