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Henrey Fawcett Primary School
One of the secrets to our success has been in creating an outstanding environment for the children to work in. This was a quick and easy fix, but did require an initial outlay of cash to refurbish the whole school. However, equally important was improving the quality of presentation of pupil’s work, and displaying this attractively around the school.
Training Focus Time
School visit: visit Henry Fawcett and meet the team. View learning environment and discuss how to achieve this in your school I day
Lunch included
+£50 per additional delegate
School audit: Ofsted-style audit providing comprehensive report for your evidence base (2 senior leaders) 1 day audit
2 day audit
Inset (at your place or ours..)

Book corners – enticing book corners make reading accessible

Staff meeting:
1:30 hr

Inset Day


£450 per session

Book making – beautiful ways to produce pupil work
Displays and borders – personalised to suit your school curriculum
We offer these services:
Leadership support
Learning Environment
Lambeth Teaching school
Specialist maths
NQT programme
Outstanding lessons
Behaviour management
Design: Kellaway Design