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Henrey Fawcett Primary School

Before Henry Fawcett Primary School was judged as Outstanding in all areas by Ofsted in 2017, the school made rapid improvement from 2009 onwards. The school has been recognised by Minister of State for School Standards for being in the top 3% of schools nationally for the progress pupils make and by the Deputy Prime Minister for excellent results, and proven commitment to making sure that all children can succeed.

Please find a list of services on the right, however, this is not exhaustive, and tailor made options are available on request. We also offer long term projects designed to support rapid school improvement. This involves an initial visit to your school, followed by an in-depth programme of support including school audit, action planning, coaching and support for senior teams and school transformation.

Training Focus Time
School visit: visit Henry Fawcett and meet the team. Discuss the school journey from special measures to outstanding and discuss how it could work for you. I day
Lunch included
+£50 per additional delegate
School audit: Ofsted-style audit providing comprehensive report for your evidence base (2 senior leaders) 1 day audit
2 day audit
Action planning: how to produce a succinct, measurable action plan linked to Ofsted targets Two half day sessions £450 per session
Fast track improvement: work with Rachel to set action plan in motion and begin the journey of rapid improvement Minimum 6 sessions £450 per half day session
Staffing structures: observe our innovative model in action designed to improve standards rapidly and make the most of your money Two half day sessions £450 per half day session
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