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Henrey Fawcett Primary School
What you can expect from us:
A newsletter every two weeks.
Regular parent workshops showing you how to help your child.
Regular parent meetings to discuss your child’s progress.
A written report every year with your child’s
targets and grades.
A prompt call home whenever something has happened to your child.
Someone to talk to whenever you have a
Weekly homework and reading books to sup-port your child with their learning.
An orderly, caring and supportive environment which supports your child’s academic, social and personal development.
What we expect from you:
Ensure you bring your child on time every day at 8.45am, and ensure you child is collected from school on time everyday at 3.15pm.
Ensure your child comes to school every day. Report any absences to the school office and do not take holidays in term time.
Support your child with their homework.
Come to parents meetings to discuss your child’s progress.
Listen to your child read every evening and write in their reading record.
Work in partnership with the school at all times encouraging your child to have a positive atti-tude towards their learning.
Tell us if there is something that affects your child.
We expect from your children:
Be in the school every day and on time.
Wear the school uniform correctly and be smart in their appearance.
Take responsibility for their own behaviour and respect school rules and property.
Look after their own possessions.
Complete homework to the best of their ability.
Tell an adult if they are unhappy.
Try their hardest in all they do - take a risk.
Bring the correct equipment to school each day e.g. PE kit and book bags.
Be an honest, polite, reliable and trust worthy member of the community.
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